On Being Where You Are

As St. Patrick’s day approaches, and thoughts turn to Ireland (or at least some fabled Emerald Isle that bears the name) I think there is something in the saint’s story worth considering when we reflect on our local church: 1) There are many beautiful churches and cathedrals in Ireland. 2) Many […]

Coffee Doesn’t Cure Acedia

The many changes over the past seven months (and more) with this site and my work has a rather simple explanation. After about 7 years of freelancing, I got a regular job. The biggest adjustment for my family has been the time; a commute, 8 hours of work or more, […]

New Edition of Clean of Heart Available!

After several years of publishing Clean of Heart by Rosemarie Scott, an invaluable book for overcoming habitual sins against purity – put bluntly, pornography and masturbation –  the program is no longer distributed by myself or Eternal Revolution (or the old name that appears on the Revised Edition of the book, […]

Mea Culpa

The past several months have been full of radical changes here.  Radical,  coming from the same Latin root as the word “root.”  The shift has changed the very basics of my family’s life,  particularly our available time. This “root”  change has led me too look back over the past seven […]

When the World Falls Apart

When your world is falling apart, what is it that is actually changing so drastically? It cannot be anything that can affect your salvation. It may be a change in your role – or what you thought your role was – in the story of salvation. When Peter was called […]

‘I Hate Christmas’ Kickstarter now Live

It maybe a few months away, but I need your help to get the next book for Eternal Revolution published in time for Christmas – and that means getting it in print now. While the book is available as an ebook on Amazon, if we can raise the money in […]

I Hate Christmas Cover

Sad Silhouette

Dependence and Charity

The stated goal of many charities is to encourage independence of families or the individual. The entire operation, if properly aligned, is to help the person and those they support to no longer become dependent on some other entity – in most cases that means they organization specifically does not […]

What are You Afraid of?

As we start another week, what is it that you are afraid of? What is keeping you from doing the miraculous, the amazing, the incredible for the Kingdom of God? Peter could step out of the boat and take a few steps, until he became fearful – even when Our […]

Jesus walking on the Water


Last Chance for Chesterton Shirts, Plus Free Book Offer!

As Summer draws to a close and we prepare for a change of season, and a return to the school year, it is time to wrap up some changes at Eternal Revolution. At the end of August, the following shirts will be removed from the Eternal Revolution shop. There are […]