New Edition of Clean of Heart Available!

After several years of publishing Clean of Heart by Rosemarie Scott, an invaluable book for overcoming habitual sins against purity – put bluntly, pornography and masturbation –  the program is no longer distributed by myself or Eternal Revolution (or the old name that appears on the Revised Edition of the book, R.A.G.E. Media. )

Rosemarie has a new 3rd edition out, published directly by herself with the help of Amazon (Hooray for Distributism/Microcapitalism!)  and it is available today on Amazon with a new, gorgeous cover.

It has been an honor to serve Rosemarie and those her book has helped these past few years; I pray that the good work is continued.

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Mea Culpa

The past several months have been full of radical changes here.  Radical,  coming from the same Latin root as the word “root.”  The shift has changed the very basics of my family’s life,  particularly our available time.

This “root”  change has led me too look back over the past seven years of Eternal Revolution and the projects and books I have created.  I realized that my initial goal – to produce useful books and written materials,  has somehow been diluted and even lost along the way.

What stated as a ministry became a business.  Instead of focusing on words and the Word,  I took on more projects with the hope that they would help provide for my family while I wrote.  Eventually,  I was spending more time marketing, making board game pieces,  designing and printing t-shirts,  and the bookkeeping necessary for so many irons in the fire that there was no time to do that which I set out to do.

When God called Abraham out of Ur,  He told Abraham to leave family behind.  Instead,  Abraham took Lot and his family along too.  Much of Abraham’s troubles on his journey were due to the Lot he brought with him; and a great man struggles and fruitlessness has come from my lot.

When we step back from life we call it a spiritual retreat.  In battle,  a retreat is a tactic to regroup and continue the fight later,  limiting your losses.  These past few weeks have been a retreat for me in both senses.  Like Gideon,  when I next charge forth I must do it with reliance on God,  not what I think I need to add to the mission to make it viable.

For that reason,  I have already begun to cast off the extra lot I have taken on,  and this process will continue for a few more months.  The T-shirts have already been marked down by 20%. Also,  the book Clean of Heart by Rosemarie Scott -  a wonderful program for overcoming pornography addiction –  will be moving to another publisher.  There will be some updates in the future as those projects shut down.

As for this blog,  I realized I have made several missteps.  Trying to force myself to write on a regular basis –  a best practice for blogging – has led to less other writing and a quality I was not thrilled with.  I also realized that there are some current events that should be addressed. Finally,  while tying to leave out the Catholic aspects of my faith for the sake of reaching a more general Christian audience has left several important spiritual warfare resources out.  There is a reason that Chesterton called it “The last fighting for of Christianity.”

Over the next few weeks and months,  there will be more tearing down and rebuilding.  The blog will be restructured after the four methods of fighting the Eternal Revolution,  as written in the book I finished this spring.  The website format will change as the ministry simplifies itself again.  There will be some updates about sales and final chances to get products that are being discontinued,  and hopefully soon new articles will be posted and books published (and re-published) to encourage and support all of us fighting the war we call the Christian life.

Pray for Revolution.

When the World Falls Apart

When your world is falling apart, what is it that is actually changing so drastically?

It cannot be anything that can affect your salvation. It may be a change in your role – or what you thought your role was – in the story of salvation. When Peter was called from his boat, when Paul was thrown from his horse, their old world ended. Up to that day they thought they knew what their life would be. And the next day it changed forever in response to a call.

A few lines in the Scriptures over simplifies the upheaval such decisions and such callings cause.

On that note, there will be more changes here at Eternal Revolution. The more I pray about things the more I realize a more radical course correction is needed to bring things in line with my calling.

I stated in The Eternal Revolution that we are not fighting as the army of God. An army follows orders in a clear battlefront. We are resistance fighters, and part of that is shifting and responding and changing quickly to adapt to shifting conditions or orders. This is the way we fight.

‘I Hate Christmas’ Kickstarter now Live

It maybe a few months away, but I need your help to get the next book for Eternal Revolution published in time for Christmas – and that means getting it in print now.

While the book is available as an ebook on Amazon, if we can raise the money in the next 3 weeks it can be in print for Christmas 2014 – if not, the print edition will have to be postponed at least another year.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

Dependence and Charity

The stated goal of many charities is to encourage independence of families or the individual. The entire operation, if properly aligned, is to help the person and those they support to no longer become dependent on some other entity – in most cases that means they organization specifically does not want the person to remain dependent on them.

For Christians, however, especially those aware of the Eternal Revolution and our daily battles with the world, we cannot say our charity work or acts of charity are geared towards the independence of those we serve. When we do what we can to meet the physical, mental, and emotional needs of others we want them to find dependence on God, not on themselves. To be reliant on oneself is to act out of pride.

Charity, as a virtue, ought to always desire to love others as God loves them. We do not want others dependent on destructive influences like drugs, alcohol, or debt. But nor do we want them to see themselves as dependent on their own selves. This can be as simple as directing their expressions of thanks to God, and not to our organizations or our own efforts. It is good for any child of God to recognize His hand behind the hands that help them, and it ought to be their goal to always be dependent on His Charity.

It is not a bad thing that people need help from charities. Charities, especially Christian charities, ought to exist as organizations that do works of charity – that is love. And as Christians we desire that people put their trust, their hope, and their dependence on the love of God. To desire them to be independent of that would in fact be a terrible and uncharitable thing to wish upon another person.

What are You Afraid of?

As we start another week, what is it that you are afraid of? What is keeping you from doing the miraculous, the amazing, the incredible for the Kingdom of God?

Peter could step out of the boat and take a few steps, until he became fearful – even when Our Lord was right there in his presence doing the impossible!

There are always scary stories on the news. There will always be uncertainty and plans gone awry, especially on Mondays. There are always waves, big and small.

But what you fear is what you worship. When you hesitate, catch yourself and ask, “Am I afraid of falling short of what Christ called me to do, or am I more afraid of _______?” If the answer is ever the latter, do everything you can to switch your focus to your King!

Last Chance for Chesterton Shirts, Plus Free Book Offer!

As Summer draws to a close and we prepare for a change of season, and a return to the school year, it is time to wrap up some changes at Eternal Revolution.

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“Without Education we are in horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.”


“An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”


“To be clever enough to get all that money, one must be stupid enough to want it.”


Free Book Offer!

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The Purpose of Suffering in the Eternal Revolution

There are times when we go through deserts of life – the times when we feel that we have been cast adrift with no divine wind in our sails. There are other times when we suffer acute pain: mental, physical, or emotional anguish of a particular kind or from a particular source. Both of these periods in our lives are suffering, and I firmly believe there is a purpose to suffering.

There is meaning in suffering, but that is not what I am concerned with in this post. The meaning of suffering is more metaphysical, which in many cases, and for most people, is not the type of thing you have the mental energy to do while enduring suffering. Purpose speaks to a practical reason or explanation of why this, why now. Recognizing a purpose to your suffering can get you through each day, and then in looking back on a period of suffering you may find the meaning.

We endure suffering in this life to bring us closer to God. Pain curbs the dangers of pride. Feeling alone and powerless turns us back to the Powerful One who said He would not leave us. Pain and suffering remind us that we are not at home in this world. They make us focus on the promise of a life free from the ordeals we experience here and now. Suffering should bring us to hope.

We are not always hopeful when we are called to endure. Long periods of crisis, or painful chronic disorders can bring us to despair and envy instead of leading us away from pride. This happens especially when we thing that someone or something has the answer to “solve” our problem. Worst of all, we might think that there is something we can do to fix our situation, our aliment, our pain. What vice is it that makes us think we can solve our own problems? Pride. The very thing that suffering can help us conquer can be used by the enemy to make our spiritual condition worse.

Pain and suffering are weapons, but they are not just weapons of the enemy. They can be used against us, crushing us into despair, or they can be powerful weapons in our hands, guided by God, to shape us into better practitioners of His will, not ours.

The purpose of suffering is to test and to purify us. It is not a punishment, though it can be a correction. We all suffer, each to a degree that God knows we can endure if we rely on Him. Certainly, some suffer so that they might be miraculously healed for His glory and as a witness of His power. But the majority, most of us, are being called to endure the trials and hurt so that we might be refined, formed, and directed to give glory to God.

Will you be beaten by the hardships in your life, or will you, with the strength of God,  wield them as one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal of faith?



We Don’t Teach Children Justice

Think about this for a moment:

Do we really teach children – with the exception of the mine phase – what justice is? I mean, do we have to teach them about fairness?

With my own children, and the children I encounter is schools and other community functions, I hear adults and myself having to say “life’s not fair.” You hear that a great deal more of that speech than you hear people teaching young people that life ought to be fair, things ought to be divided equally, or people’s needs ought to be met.

We don’t teach youth justice, we teach them to endure injustice and inequality in and unfair world. Sometimes, without intending to, we teach them injustice, prejudice, and bigotry.

But the ideal of justice is apparent to us from a young age. The ideal exists in the human mind, even as our experiences as we grow older compound more and more reasons why it doesn’t, won’t, and can’t exist in our world.

That seems to reinforce the idea that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place where this ideal of justice must be realized. It also sheds some light on the fact that Jesus said we cannot enter the Kingdom unless we become like a little child.

We Don’t Need Another Manifesto

As Christians, we know what we believe. It is expressed concisely in the Apostle’s Creed or more completely in the Bible itself.

We have a vision. It is that of the Kingdom of Heaven, of Eden and existence beyond the Judgement, where the ideals we desire, justice, truth, and charity are perfectly expressed.

We have a mission. The great commission at the end of the book of Matthew still applies: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

With all these things, why do we falter? Why do Christians everywhere seem lukewarm, compromising, and complacent?

We are not wanting of something to believe in, a vision, or a mission. We lack the courage to do what we must. We need to be reminded of what it is we are to do today for the glory of God. We need particular tasks to do.

In his private notebook, G.K. Chesterton wrote that a soldier, a knight, a warrior does not want to be reassured that his commander has a plan. After all, Our Lord has an inevitable plan laid out for us and the world, repeatedly laid out in the Scriptures. What a fighter wants, remarked Chesterton, is a sword. A weapon or tool with which to strike, to struggle with, and with which he can make a difference for his cause.

We have such weapons, but too often we think they are irrelevant in our time, or too simple. They are found throughout the Scriptures too.  Pray. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless. Those are the acts of a soldier of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We do not need another statement of belief. We need to do.