Fields of Thought

A religion which is rich in this sense always has a number of ideas in reserve. Besides the ideas that are being applied to a particular problem or a particular period, there are a number of rich fields of thought which are, in that sense, lying fallow. Where a new theory, invented to meet a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Comment Here, Comment Out There

It has been considered generally good blogging advice to enable and use comments on posts. On this blog, comments are disabled. As I prepare my editorial calendar to begin resuming regular updates, I realized I never explained why I have decided this. The idea of having comment threads on a blog is to create a... Continue Reading →

New Edition of Clean of Heart Available!

After several years of publishing Clean of Heart by Rosemarie Scott, an invaluable book for overcoming habitual sins against purity - put bluntly, pornography and masturbation -  the program is no longer distributed by myself or Eternal Revolution (or the old name that appears on the Revised Edition of the book, R.A.G.E. Media. ) Rosemarie has... Continue Reading →

Mea Culpa

The past several months have been full of radical changes here.  Radical,  coming from the same Latin root as the word "root."  The shift has changed the very basics of my family's life,  particularly our available time. This "root"  change has led me too look back over the past seven years of Eternal Revolution and... Continue Reading →

Eternal Revolution eBook FREE on Amazon

It is finally available! The Eternal Revolution is now available on And to celebrate, for today and tomorrow, the book is free for the Kindle! Get your copy of The Eternal Revolution today! Remember, even if you don't have a Kindle, the software for Kindle is free for iOS, PC, Mac, and Android. Please... Continue Reading →

The Saga of Uncle Chestnut’s Table Gype

With the nostalgia of cleaning out old products (see my immediately prior posts about clearance Chesterton quote shirts) I thought it might be a good idea to revisit one of the most successful, most trying, and ultimately most distracting products I ever produced: Uncle Chestnut's Table Gype. I still get emails asking about the game,... Continue Reading →

Dying Light and the Eternal Revolution

This site and this company were not always called Eternal Revolution. For quite a while, t-shirts, books, and the occasional multimedia product were distributed through my efforts under the name R.A.G.E. Media, at I still get traffic from searches for items from the old company - probably in part because the old company name... Continue Reading →

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