Samurai of the Wood-Cutting School

Among the last generations of samurai was a teacher named Yamaoka Tesshu. At his dojo, he would have students spend the entire first year perfecting the overhand chop. This was full-time study - and an entire year spent practicing the same move every day. Critics of Tesshu dubbed his dojo “The wood-cutting school” because of... Continue Reading →

Christian Samurai Film ‘Masterless’ Coming Soon

 Adam LaVorgna and Craig Shimahara on the set of Masterless. For a few years, I have helped with the promotion and distribution of a Christian samurai short film called Good Soil. Now, writer and director Craig Shimahara is creating a new, feature-length movie called Masterless. While Good Soil was a historical fiction, based on real... Continue Reading →

The Christian Art of Judging Others

  Jesus said, "Judge not." That's about as much of the Bible as many non-Christians can quote. It has proved useful, considering the number of Christians that use it, or are cowed by fear of being condemned by it. As always, the context makes it a bit clearer: “Judge not, that you be not judged.... Continue Reading →

Fight With All Your Weapons

Some years ago an acquaintance confided in me about some relationship problems he was having. As a couple, he and his wife were drifting apart. Since we had talked before about Japanese culture, my advice took the form of a quote from the swordsman Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings: "Students of the Ichi school... Continue Reading →

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