The Way of the Christian Samurai

Cover of The Way of the Christian SamuraiAs Christians, we are called to be both servants and warriors for Jesus Christ.

The samurai, whose very title means “one who serves,” were skillful warriors of feudal Japan who devoted themselves fully to the service of their masters, willing even to sacrifice their lives in service to their lord. Christians are also called by their Lord, Jesus, to take up their cross and follow Him, and to seek to lose their life for His sake (Matthew 16:24-25).

While fantastic legends and stories of the samurai are plentiful, The Way of the Christian Samurai draws from primary sources – notes, essays, and books written by real samurai from Japan’s feudal era. Their advice on everything from overcoming fear, giving counsel to others, serving one’s Lord, and self-sacrifice are remarkably applicable to the life of the modern Christian. Author Paul Nowak ties the advice of these servant-warriors of old, pointing out how the selections from samurai texts relate to Christian teachings.

The book is a matchless resource for Christians intrigued by the mythos of the samurai or Japanese culture, for Christian martial artists, or for pastors and other spiritual leaders who are looking for exciting anecdotes that illustrate Biblical ideals. Christian parents whose children enjoy Anime or Manga will find it a useful tool in understanding their children’s interests and in ministering to them.

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Praise for The Way of The Christian Samurai

[thesislove_testimonial by=”Ben Copeland”]“The value of this book is in its ability to show us what true servant hood is by examples of the writings of the samurai of old. After reading it, I have a much better sense of what service and self-denial is. More importantly, it has helped me see more clearly the example that Jesus set, and has encouraged me that I can do much more in imitating it.”[/thesislove_testimonial] [thesislove_testimonial  by=”Steve King, Armchair Interviews”]”Anyone looking for a good devotional will benefit from reading this book. Christian martial artists, on the other hand, need this book.”[/thesislove_testimonial] [thesislove_testimonial by=””]“The excerpts on serving one’s lord are eye-openers for any Christian with a “soft” view of service that rarely goes beyond activities at their local church. The willingness of a warrior to give himself completely to his lord underscores what it means to make oneself part of the body of Christ.”[/thesislove_testimonial]



Christian Samurai Apparel

The following shirt designs are available from Eternal Revolution. Wear them with pride to your church functions or your dojo!

Christian Samurai Shirt

This design uses the kanji for Christian Samurai written vertically crossed by the katana, a samurai’s sword, to create a cross.

The text reminds us that it is with the spirit of Christ our Lord that we wage spiritual war with evil.

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Christian Samurai Way in Death Shirt

The samurai were told that their way of service was found in death, and living as though they were already dead. Christians are called to lose their life to find it, and to daily take up their cross.

Features the kanji for Christian samurai written horizontally.

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