Intellectual Charity And Returning to Writing

Sincerely I learned about wisdom, and ungrudgingly do I share— her riches I do not hide away;
For she is an unfailing treasure;
    those who gain this treasure win the friendship of God,
    being commended by the gifts that come from her discipline.
Now God grant I speak suitably
    and value these endowments at their worth:
For he is the guide of Wisdom
    and the director of the wise.
For both we and our words are in his hand,
    as well as all prudence and knowledge of crafts.

Wisdom 7:13-16

What is the point of growing in wisdom and knowledge if not to share what is gained with our fellow humans?

A post a few months ago from Faith and Culture highlighted this aspect of charity as identified as the work of the educator, when aligned to truth, as an act of love. With this in mind, and a regular recitation of this post’s quote from Wisdom in the Liturgy of the Hours, I have been thinking a lot on this idea.

Certainly, we are to use knowledge and wisdom to grow closer in a relationship to God, as part of our purpose to “know, love, and serve” our Lord. But we also know, love, and serve God in our interactions with others.

Having 7 children, homeschooling, and returning to full-time employment has established a lot of my own goals and objectives for processing information and sharing it with those individuals and teams God has placed in my immediate experience. However, my collection of notes has been growing, and my thoughts keep coming back to this blog, to books not yet written, and the ability, even perhaps the responsibility to keep sharing information with the wider audience that is willing to listen. Not only is there an ability to reach out in space, but also in time – written words have a tendency to linger on, if they end up resonating.

So, here I return to Eternal Revolution. It takes quite a bit more effort, now that most of my time is engaged in other work that pays regularly. However, in another way this is now a better occasion for writing content that can exist for the sake of communicating ideas, not also having the burden being tied to producing income on which to live.

Look for a new post once a week. I’ll be sticking to the same topics and ideals – virtue, spiritual and personal discipline, the concepts in The Way of the Christian Samurai and The Eternal Revolution, and reflections inspired by G.K. Chesterton. Next week, I’ll introduce one of the projects I’ve been working on while life has been happening for the last several years.

Pray for Revolution!

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