What are You Afraid of?

As we start another week, what is it that you are afraid of? What is keeping you from doing the miraculous, the amazing, the incredible for the Kingdom of God? Peter could step out of the boat and take a few steps, until he became fearful - even when Our Lord was right there in... Continue Reading →

Fear is a Terrible Teacher

It seems to be a common refrain: religion is all about using fear to control and educate people. Fear is the worst way to teach people. It is a last resort of the desperate, bad teacher. Pay attention, or doom on you. Remember this, or doom on you. It is certainly true that we ourselves,... Continue Reading →

Christians as the Soul of the World

Sometime in the second century after Christ, a letter to Diognetus was written explaining Christianity. The author is unknown, and it is not known if the Diognetus that it was addressed to was the Diognetus that tutored Marcus Aurelius - but those details are unrelated to the importance of the letter, now known as the... Continue Reading →

What Does Religious Freedom Look Like?

It is a tenet of this blog to avoid current events. This post will push the limit, since there are current events that inspired it and will be mentioned; however the purpose is for more persistent. Christian persecution is again making world headlines. A woman in the Sudan has been sentenced to death for refusing... Continue Reading →

How to Defeat Fear

  We are called as Christians to be fearless, and to not fear men, the world, or evil. And yet we are still afraid of many things. How do we conquer our fears? That's probably the wrong question. How do you work through the fear, persevere through the fear, resist letting the fear paralyze you.... Continue Reading →

Interrupting the Impossible

  While reading a book on business strategies, I came across an expression credited as "an ancient Chinese proverb." The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it. In the context I found it, the expression was an answer to naysayers who criticize a project or goal while the yet-impossible task... Continue Reading →

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